Running a business while coping with a disability can be tricky. Yet, many people all around the world balance both a business and a disability. In fact, some of the world’s most important leaders have disabilities. From mayors of large cities to presidents of countries, disabilities never hold a true businessperson back. In fact, many countries have set up programs that exist just to help people with disabilities run a successfully business. If you have recently been diagnosed with a disability, you will find that many resources exist for you to take advantage of. You will also find that many businesses hire people who have disabilities. Some businesses even look for people who have disabilities, and many job placement programs exist simply to place people with certain disabilities into specific job positions.
If you are an employer who is considering hiring someone with a disability, you can find plenty of people who fit your description online. Simply by contacting a placement agency that places people who have disabilities, you will discover a world of eligible employees. We publish information about businesses and disabilities on our website. Our Disabilities-Business Directory is full of helpful details. Once we find information about businesses and disabilities that you can use, we post this information on our site. The result is a directory that has been built with care just for you. We invite you to visit our website frequently in order to see our latest listings. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to disabilities and business, you will find that your search begins here.

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