After becoming a dentist you are required to maintain the highest levels of understand in all the facets of the profession. In order to does this, each dentist much join an accredited regional dental association that continual educates on topics ranging from insurance to new tools and processes. Regional dentist association can be found throughout the United States and becoming a member is a requirement for each practicing dentist to legally perform dentistry. The American Dental Association and its rules and regulations are the driving factors in how the regional dentistry associations operate. These regional associations are also important when it comes to dentists knowing one another so that they can work in tandem when a patient needs a service the other does not perform. Your personal dentist may clean your teeth but could not help you with a root canal. These regional partnerships make it easy for your dentist to refer you to another trusted dentist in the same region with a varying skill set. Our directory on regional dentistry will offer up information on each regional dentistry association throughout the United States and even offer up links to their official websites. You will also find information on how to join a regional dentistry association and what it takes to maintain your membership. Our directory will even make it so you know the regional associations closest to your practice and where other dentists that graduated from the same dentistry school as you are located.

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