As we grow older, losing teeth is almost an inevitability. Whether it’s due to aging, periodontal disease or traumatic injury, the older we get, the more prone we are to have missing teeth. Dentures can help you fill those gaps. Dentures isn’t just important for aesthetic reasons. Without dentures, we may not be able to form sounds and letters when speaking. More critically, missing teeth without dentures can cause the remaining teeth to shift, which can impair your ability to bite and chew. Dentures also prevent your face from changing shape, creating a sagging, facial appearance which makes you appear older than you are. In other words, dentures make you look better, feel better and look younger.
While dentures have notoriously been pegged as uncomfortable and unreliable, today’s dentures have come a long way. Prosthetic teeth and dentures can be specially formed to your mouth so that they do not need adhesive to stay in place. They can fit naturally into your mouth without causing chafing or discomfort.
Prices for dentures vary depending on material, fabrication time and the experience of the dentist. Crafting a good pair of dentures relies on experience and expertise, and a skilled dentist will fetch a higher price but deliver a better product. Most health insurance benefits package that include dental benefits will cover some or all of the costs of dentures.
For more information on dentures, review some of the links and resources below. Dentures are an essential part of life, and learning how to choose a dentist and how to care for dentures is a critical part of aging gracefully.

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