Becoming a dentist is certainly no walk in the park. Becoming a dentist is means committing to between five and eight years of additional higher education schooling in a dentistry program and doing extremely well while in the program. An education in dentistry equips one with the knowledge to evaluate, diagnose and prevent disorders and conditions of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area. If you simply can’t afford to pay for an expensive dentistry education there are many other schooling options to become a dental assistant, a dental technician or a dental hygienists. You will still need specific dentistry schooling and can perform some tasks a regular dentist can but you will not be authorized, nor have the specific knowledge to, perform the more advanced tasks such as a crown replacement or filling. Dentistry has been around for hundreds of years and continues to advance at a rapid rate in the last few decades. Even a highly educated dentist that has been practicing for many years must continue to attend educational courses to understand how to use the most current tools and processes. In our directory on dentistry education we will offer up resources on each school that provides dentistry as a course option as well as information on how to apply for those schools and what it takes to complete a dentistry program. You will also be privy to links that will help you learn the basics of dentistry so you can make sure it is the right educational experience for you.

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