If you get the shakes just thinking about going to the dentist, let alone actually going to get a cleaning or a root canal, you could suffer from dentophobia. More than 70 percent of all adults at least fear dentists slightly so don’t be worried if you have serious anxiety symptoms prior to a dental visit. Dentophobia only severely affects up five or ten percent of the aforementioned 70 percent of patients but can be extremely detrimental to having dental work done. Most dentophobia stems from a prior experience at the dentist that was traumatic or painful but also can come from the buildup of fear from childhood or a perceived notion that dental work will hurt. Many dentists offer up different types of prescription anxiety medication like liquid or capsule Valium to help decrease the fear that sets in when the patient gets to the dentist office. You will hear a lot of dentists in the 21st century state that dentophobia comes from parents who had awful experiences and passed the fear down to their children. This is a concern due to the fact that dentistry has come very far in the last 20 or 30 years and many procedures that were once painful no longer are. Our directory on dentophobia will offer up many resources to help you understand the specifics of dentophobia and how you can take steps to getting rid of it. We will also include links to dentists who are known to be extremely good when it comes to caring for a patients fears and making them feel comfortable during their dentist visit.

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