Good oral and dental hygiene is especially important for kids. Teaching children good dental hygiene habits at an early age will ensure that they continue on with these good practices into adulthood. As people, we only get two sets of teeth: our baby teeth and our adult teeth. By teaching your kids how to take care of their baby teeth, you not only ensure that they have healthy smiles when they are young, but you also make sure that they keep their teeth once their permanent teeth come in.
Beyond cavities, tooth decay and gum disease, there are other adverse health impacts of bad dental hygiene for kids. Periodontal disease can quickly develop into severe cases that have lasting effects into adulthood. The best way to prevent long term impacts of periodontal disease is early detection and good oral hygiene practices. Most dentists recommend brushing twice or more times daily and flossing daily. Furthermore, kids and adults should visit the dentist for a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year.
Regular brushing can help reduce swelling, bleeding and redness in the gums as well as buildup of plaque, which eventually hardens into tartar. When tartar forms on the teeth, it must be scraped off manually at the dentist’s office. For a more pleasant, less time consuming visit to the dentist, brush regularly and thoroughly. Cavities can also be prevented with regular brushing, which will save you from pain and costly fillings.
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