Hair has long evolved beyond survival applications. Yet today, societies across the globe lavish much attention and appreciation onto a good, head of hair. No wonder so many beauty products, cosmetics and treatments speak to the quality, length, style and appearance of our hair.

You may have been born a blond, a brunette or a redhead, but thanks to hair dyes, tinting, hair color and even wigs, you don’t have to settle for what nature gave you. One of the most dramatic ways to give your look a makeover is to dye your hair. Coloring your hair can make you feel younger, more confident or more radical—the choice is yours.

Beyond color, the way we style our hair has deep significance. From the length of our hair to the straightness, curliness or body of our hair, the way you style your hair can say something about your attitude or simply frame your face in a flattering manner. Gels, mousse, hair spray, wax, hair ties, curlers, straighteners, hair dryers and other hair styling products and accessories can help you achieve that look you’re after.

Just like a prized possession, hair loves to be groomed—and it looks good when you pamper it. Most of us already shampoo our hair each day, but there’s more to hair care than a good rinse and repeat. The type of shampoo, conditioner and other product you use can affect the volume, body and shine of your hair to a noticeable degree.

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